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Sophrology is a short relaxation therapy technique created in the 1960s by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo using dynamic and static exercises and visualizations.

This guided practice helps people seeking harmony and balance to reconnect body with mind by providing simple tools like breathing exercises, gentle moves and guided positive meditation.

Sophrology helps people to find within themselves the solutions they need in order to reach their inner goals.


In many countries, medical teams use sophrology to help patients facing everyday challenges.

Sophrologie Düsseldorf is accessible to everyone, whether or not they already have experience with meditation.

Sophrology helps:

- managing physical pain (induced by chronic illnesses, painful treatments, sport injuries,... )

- dealing with stress (burn-out, anxiety, phobias, exam stress...)

- dealing with sleep issues (trouble falling asleep, waking up during the night...)

- going through a life change (moving, divorce, grief and loss...)

- controlling addiction

- couples with intimacy issues

- people with sexual issues

- dealing with perinatal anxiety

- kids with anxiety

...and many more issues and situations

Breathing Meditation

"Our son, Emil (10 years old), had around 10 sessions with Axelle. The transmission of tools to better control his breathing allowed him to manage alone and in an efficient way his stress level during high anxiety peaks. Thank you Axelle !"


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