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Privacy Policy

  • The website contact form from the tab "Contact me" collects name, e-mail, phone number and personal a message with the consent of the website user.

  • I, Axelle Thory, do not sell or share these information with third-party services.

  • The website does not track personal information using non essential cookies or other tracking tools.

  • Wix (website provider) tracks essential cookies to monitor performances through clicks.

  • The website visitor's information are used to follow up on their messages, the website visitor will be contacted via e-mail or phone after they reached out through the contact form on the "Contact me" tab.

  • The website visitor's information will be stored manually.

  • If the website visitor does not agree with the above, or would like to withdraw their consent, they shall not use the "contact me" form but use my e-mail address directly bellow. 

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